Friday, June 21, 2013

My favorite line from today's email that Alex sent "I wrote dad a decent size message, but I dont have too much time on this one. (Its not like I dont love you any less, I just dont have time)"

He doesn't love me any less - gotta love that!

He also had some exciting news to share: 
I have been blessed with the opportunity to sing in the MTC choir this sunday where I will be singing in front of President Thomas S. Monson and the whole General Authorities! They are doing a special mission president broadcast that is going to be world wide. They are saying this is a big event because there is going to be a historic announcment made in regards to mission work or something in that aspect. I am so excited! I can testify that we DO have a living prophet on the earth who leads and guides us to draw closer unto our Savior and I hope to gain an even stonger testimony as I'm able to witness our prophet and his apostles this Sunday.

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