Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Elder Berthelson's mission president called me today to let me know that he had interviewed Alex and learned what happened to Sydney during the course of the conversation.  Although it is uncommon for a mission president to communicate with a parent of a missionary, President Packard assured me Alex is ok (although heartbroken) and is committed to serving the Lord wherever he is needed.  President Packard also asked me for the Hathaway family's contact information.  You see, President Packard is from Beaumont and knows the Hathaway family and Sydney personally.  Indeed, it is a small world when it comes to the church. 

We were able to have a nice chat about Alex and what a great elder he is!

President Packard gave me information that Alex hasn't even received yet....his new companion (as of tomorrow, July 18th) will be Elder Richardson.  Elder Richardson was most recently a zone leader for the mission.  From what I understand, Elder Richardson gets up at 5:30 every morning so he can get in an hour workout every day.  Elder Berthelson should be in heaven!

I also learned of Elder Berthelson's first territory.  He will be in Providence Rhode Island.


  1. I don't know how anyone can hear stories like these and NOT believe that everything is planned out according to the Lord's will.

  2. That is so incredible that Alex' mission president knows the Hathaways. You are so very blessed to have two great kids with their heads on straight, Karen. The Lord definitely blesses those who live righteously.

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