Wednesday, July 3, 2013


This is a great picture of Sydney and Alex.  This was close to the time when they had to say good bye to each other.  They knew that they would not see each other until they were both home from their missions.  At that time, we just didn't know that Sydney's mission would not be Brazil and that she would be called home by our loving Heavenly Father.  Alex was so tired of me taking pictures and had snapped at me.  I walked away giving them space, realizing that they must have so many emotions that they were trying to process.  Alex came back in and apologized and said he would be happy to have me take more pictures.  I know that this was because of Sydney.  I'm so grateful for the example she was to all of us, the zest she had for life.  For all the lessons that she taught us. 

If you would like to send Alex a card or note, PLEASE do not send directly to him.  I want my sweet boy to hear your messages and I know that he will appreciate them.  However, I don't want him to have his heart ripped open every time he looks at his mailbox and gets another note or card.  Please send them to our home.  We will keep your message sealed and package them all together.  This way, he can have one good cry.

At this time, it is our deepest desire to help support Alex in his desire to serve the Lord through sharing the message of Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation.  While he will need time for his heart to heal, we also want him to stay focused on his mission.  Sydney was so proud of her missionary and we know that she would want this to. 

Our home address is:
23853 North 40th Drive
Glendale Arizona  85310

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