Wednesday, November 20, 2013

November 20 Transfers

The missionaries have transfers every six weeks.  When they have a transfer, they might stay in the same apartment, they might get a new companion, they might have nothing change, or they might move out of the area and to a completely new area in their mission boundaries and have a new companion.  This week was transfer week for Alex.  He got a new apartment and a new companion.....

My week has been pretty crazy! First, I was able to have the privilege of hearing Elder Gifford Nielsen (70, one that spoke at conference) speak to us at our zone conference last Friday in Hartford, Conn. It was awesome to hear him speak to us live, and he also shared a lot of his thoughts about how he was inspired to share his particular message, in conference, about exclamation points! haha. He talked a lot about missionary work and said that the Lord has called us (missionaries) to serve in a specific time and a specific place that is directly given through revelation. The word revelation made me realize even more about how important my call was and the responsibilities I have serving in specific areas that I am assigned. And with that, I also received my first transfer this past week.

I will be serving in Providence, RI (downtown), just 5 miles south of my original place from central falls, haha. Though I'll still be serving in the same ward, I'm going to be able to be in a different area working with different people as well. My new companion's name is Elder Gonzalez. I've already known him from before since we have already been serving in the same district for a couple months now. He's a good guy, really smart as well. I'm excited to work with him. We already have 2 baptismal dates set up for the month of December (L____ and F____) and hopefully we'll continue to have more later on. I'm pumped for that!

Jazzy- Elder Holland is always amazing! That is so cool you got to see him speak to you guys. I remember back in June when I was able to attend the world wide broadcast for all the mission presidents (when I was in the mtc) and I got to see Elder Holland conduct that meeting. It was such a cool experience. Even though I didn't have front row seats like you- (I was in the highest part of the stadium, nosebleeders) I won't ever forget that time of hearing him, along with most of the 12 apostles speak in person. That quote is so true as well, "kick when you don't want to kick and stroke when you don't want to stroke" That's basically what we do everyday, haha. Keep pushing the work forward. Glad to see the progress of your investigators as well, that is awesome!

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