Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 4

First and foremost, The Red Sox are World Series Champions!!!! I'm blessed to be serving in an area of what most people call "Strong" or "BostonStrong," which means what happened back in April did not leave a negative impact to Boston, but rather built it up and strengthened the city. The victory for the Red Sox also symbolizes triumph over tragedy. That is why this mission in Boston is perfect for me; it's almost as if these events, such as what has all taken place in Boston since April, could represent me and what I've been going through with my own situation. As for me, by faith, I can overcome trials and be strengthened to also hopefully come out on top and be victorious, just like the Sox!

Not much has been happening since A____ was baptized from a month ago. I still get to work with A____ a lot though, and for me to continue to teach him the discussions is awesome! He is my friend, and if not my best friend on the mission right now:) I'm blessed to be able to witness his progression with the gospel and see his testimony grow as we have also talked about him serving a mission by next year! I'll be here in the NE area to hopefully see him leave and become a missionary just like me. I know he'll be ready to serve by then.

In my actual area right now though, it's been tough.  My comp and I do a lot of less active work in the central falls/pawtucket area of RI. We haven't been able to see progress in the less actives and the members recently haven't been able to work with us. The one investigator that we work with can't progress either, due to an odd marriage situation, he can't be baptized... Its really sad. It's just really frustrating working in this area. The work in this area has just been flat out dull. There's a lot of times where I really wish I could be transferred to the Boston area (first paragraph) or anywhere else for that matter. But then I think of how much I've been able to work with A____ (second paragraph). Again, not only have I been able to bless his life, but he has also been a blessing for me as well. I believe he is the reason why I was chosen to be sent to this random place in RI. It's important to take and recognize the blessings that Heavenly Father has given us.

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