Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 16th

I am doing well. I am going to keep this message short because I don't have too much time. The work is kind of slow for me and my companion, but we are still working hard nonetheless. One thing cool that happened this week was that we had a Christmas Devotional for the Prov stake last night that was performed by all the missionaries. I wasn't able to be a part of the devotional, but it was great to have all of our ward members, a few less actives and one of our investigators show up. I also enjoyed it because I was able to see all my good friends from the mission that were there as well, ex. Elder Collins.
Tomorrow we have our missionary christmas party, which means I will have the opportunity to go to Boston and do a session at the Temple. ...... Anyways, I love going to the temple. There's no other place that brings me such peace and comfort. I know that the temple is the most sacred and closest place we can be to our Heavenly Father here on the earth. 
Dad- ..... I saw the pic of you and shelby, mire flacco wey! jaja. I've also taken up your commitment. Not to lose weight, but to run. I actually enjoy running everyday. I was able to run 4 miles today, with only one break in between. Running is all I can do because our gym is really lame, there's no weights, only treadmills. It does the job though.
Enjoy the Charger game next Sunday! I can't believe they beat the broncos too. Maybe they still have a chance for the playoffs. We had so many great times in San Diego as well. I'm sure you and K will be living it up in Old Town as well. Great hangout place haha.
Karen-...... Thanks again for the packages. I forgot to mention the letters I received from Sis Moser and Sis Garcia. Let them know I say thanks. You're awesome! Congrats to Shelby as well. I'm sure you and dad had a blast with the Peck Family. Enjoy the trip with San Diego with dad this weekend too.
It's sad to get news of someone passing. And yeah I remember Brother Meier, good guy. I hope their family and the people in the Parkway ward are doing alright... I'll keep them in my prayers.
Glad to know everyone in the family and all our friends are doing great. Congrats to Devin as well. Keep up the good work. Les quiero! 

Elder Berthelson
(Editor's note - this picture did not come directly from Elder Berto, but I love it)

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