Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 9th

A little experience I had last Tuesday, Elder Gonzalez and I were out on our bikes in downtown Providence making some visits with the previous investigators we found in our area book. While we were riding on a downhill slope next to the Prov capital building, a lady pulled out of a parking lot at a pretty fast speed and I'm assuming she never saw me. Smack! She ended up running over my bike while I ended up flying on top of her car. I thought it looked pretty ridiculous until I realized the damage it did to my bike... She offered to fill out paperwork for the damage (I just ended up switching for a better bike). Anyways, I was just grateful it was the bike that got damaged and not me. A miracle that I walked away from that uninjured or unharmed. 

Later that night I was able to have Lobstah for the first time on my mission here in New England. Finally! Jose Fernandez (one of the people I'm definitely going to re-visit after my mission!) made us lobster and crab for dinner. It was soooo good! By far my favorite meals. Dad- It was one of those things that made me think of our dog trips and eating Tia's over in Boston. 

F____ was able to be confirmed a member yesterday, which was awesome. There wasn't too much that happened this week as far as the work is concerned, but this time of year is great for us because all our teachings and lessons are being focused on the Lord and His birth. It's exciting to share this wonderful message because I know it brings great peace and joy to all who are willing to listen and put their faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Karen- It sounds like you had a busy week this week. .....That is amazing how many temples you visited! Its cool to see all the places that you normally go to for work and then see all the temples that are pretty much in that same area. I'm sure its been a great blessing for you to attend all the time that you have. Keep it up K!
It's also great to see some of the missionaries plan to either get ready or plan on leaving for their missions, ex. Kennedy Coley, Gabby, Devin H. Missionary work is continuing to grow which is awesome.
I ask if you guys could please pray in behalf of one of our ward family members. F_____, and his wife L______. This family is suffering a lot. L____ suffered from a mild stroke she had last week, while F____ is also temporarly blind due to diabetes. They have a little daughter as well, so this time of the year is very tough for this family. Please keep them in your prayers.
Keep doing what you guys do. Work hard. Love you guys.

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