Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 16th


I'm sure you all of you are aware of the bitter cold weather we experienced yesterday here in NE. Church was also canceled for the first time on my mission because of the severity of the cold. We still had a chance to give some service though by shoveling snow for people during part of the day yesterday. This has been honestly the most brutal weather I have ever experienced. Anytime down the road when I have the chance to come back to NE, I will make it a priority to visit in the summer instead of the winter. 

I can continue to talk about how awful this weather has been for us, but all in all it has not really affected our work. In fact, we have seen tender mercies occur in our area just in the past couple days. V____ sent us a text yesterday saying that she does want to be baptized! She is still trying to figure out a specific date though. We are also starting to plan for Ma_____'s and M_____'s baptisms for March 7th and March 15th. And we also plan to extend baptism for S___ D_____ and possibly for J____ tomorrow as well. We have not been able to see J______ in a while so we will see what happens with him. 

So although we have had some obstacles occur for us these past couple days, I'm blessed to see the positives that occurred for us. Plus by being inside for all of yesterday, it gave me the time to reflect on my mission and about my life and where I stand. I know that the Lord has great plans for me, including the time that I have serving Him and his children at this moment. I am aware of the amount of time that I have left as well, its crazy to think about but its also exciting at the same time. I am finding out more and more of what the Lord wants me to do in the future and most importantly the type of person he wants me to become.

.........Also Karen, thank you for the socks and valentines day card. I'm glad you and dad were able to be with Ron and Denise for this past week too. Tell them that I say hi! 

Keep up the hard work. Jazz- Happy Mardi Gras! Don't get too crazy:P lol.
Enjoy the warmth. Les Quiero Mucho!             

Elder Berthelson


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