Monday, March 23, 2015

March 23rd


Thank you for all your letters and emails. 9th place isn't so bad for the tournament pool:) LETS GO AZ!!! We'll find out where we are all seeded when it really comes down to it in the final four. 

This week was a pretty normal week as far as working with our current investigators. Unfortunately, it has been kind of rough working with a few of our investigators because of the fact that we had to move some of their baptism dates for the next month, since they will not be ready in time for the baptism dates that we originally had them scheduled for. Yes it is frustrating, but it feels like I have dealt with this many times throughout my mission, so this is nothing too shocking. 

This past Saturday we also went to the Temple to help out with baptisms for our recent converts. G__ W___ was the recent convert that attended from our ward here in Ludlow. He is the man! Talk about a guy who is on fire with his testimony, its him. He usually comes out with us to help us teach lessons about 3-4 times a week and sometimes multiple lessons throughout the day. So he is definitely doing his fair share of missionary work and helping us out too. 
I really don't have much else to say this week... other than blessings I am witnessing from even the little moments day to day. Because of this, I am happier and feel better about the progress we are making in the work.  

I also emailed Karen about my interests on where I want to attend college. I thought and prayed about it and feel pretty set in attending BYU-I for the fall and winter semesters. I will need to get more information about it and start picking classes once I am also decided about a specific major I want to pursue.

Sounds like everyone is doing great. Congrats Jazzy on your acceptance to LSU!!! Por Fin!! I'm way excited for you:) ..........

Thanks for all your support. Continue to keep us updated on the NCAA tourney!! Les quiero mucho!!

Elder Berthelson

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