Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August 19

.....We recently had the Hartford, Conn temple groundbreaking this weekend, which was a big deal in the NE area. President Monson spoke at the event and it was great for all of our member/non-member friends to view it from our chapel live in spanish. 

Karen, couple things... I got all of your packages, thank you. My companion thinks I don't get enough packages (sarcasm). And congrats to Kennedy Coley, Sarah Edwards in behalf of their mission calls. Awesome! 
And especially to Gina and Cory, that is way cool they got sealed in the temple! 
That is great that you were able to meet Syd's grandparents, what a great family.

Little does Alex know that I'm sending another package this week - although this one is for Elder Richardson - it's his birthday!  

No pictures this week. 

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