Thursday, August 15, 2013

My district and I and a member family went to the NE Pats training camp this past Monday. It was way cool!

One cool story. Elder Rich and I have been working with a less active youth in our ward and we've been trying to work with him to get him to come back to church. His name is R_____. Pretty funny guy, about 18. We've been working with him for a couple weeks already and he just doesn't want to do anything with the church. So last Wed, my comp and I decided to visit with him at this chinese restaurant where he works at. We made a bet with him that if we ordered the nastiest thing on the menu, got the largest size of it, and ate it all, then he would have to attend church the next Sunday. We ended up eating this nasty turtle meat and fried rice that probably weighed a good 5 lbs. I was so sick after that haha. But it was worth it since he came to church, stayed for young mens (which we taught during that hour) and he actually enjoyed it! It was pretty cool.  

Also, this past Sunday, I finally got to make my way over to Hartford, Conn. to see a woman's baptism that Elder Richardson had been working with prior to being transferred with me to RI. It was a pretty cool experience for him to see that. 


I'll end off with my testimony that I know that when we go through difficult times, great or small, that the Lord is helping us to grow stronger and to help us become more like Him. It's difficult at times to understand that concept at that moment but with faith and understanding, Heavenly Father will provide a way to bless us to find happiness and joy in our lives. I've seen miracles already happen to me, through service, that has helped me overcome pain and heartache, which allows me to be happy.  

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