Monday, September 23, 2013

I've been working hard everyday and reading a lot in the Alma chapters; specifically when Ammon converted King Lamoni and the entire Lamanite nation, and when they later became known as the anti-nephi-lehis. I love applying the scriptures to my life and using Ammon's example of strength and obedience to help me become a better and stronger missionary. I'm also learning the importance of scripture study and how crucial it is to read them everyday, not only for satisfaction for reading them of course, but it serves as a strong spiritual protection for us as well. 
So on Friday night, we were able to go camping with all the jovenes and with all the priesthood holders of our ward... It was so much fun!! I never thought as a missionary I would have the opportunity to do something like that. We got permission from our mission president to go out with all the men from our ward and participate by helping them set up their tents and by preparing the food for them (a lot of them have never been camping before). Unfortunately, we couldn't spend the night with all of them and have the full camping experience, but it was still a blast to be there and help participate! The best part though was when we shared our testimonies around the campfire. We stayed up with them till midnight and didn't get dropped off back at our appts until 1 in the morning, crazy! It was just an awesome experience to see all the priesthood holders of our ward have that strong unity with one another.

Last Tuesday, after sharing the 2nd lesson (plan of salv) with A_____, he told us that he knew that this gospel was true and he has a strong desire to be baptized. So the date has now been officially set for him to be baptized on October 6 right after general conference and 5 short days before my trainer goes home. Please keep A____ in your prayers that he will be prepared by that date. I know that he will be ready and I'm excited to see his progression. This gospel really does bring happiness and to see the joy that it brings to others is really amazing as well.

Member of our ward, Hermana A______, but we call her our "abuelita" she is one of my favorite ward members. And she makes the best guatemalan food!

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