Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Bret's Mission President

Elder Richardson has now been home for several weeks and is now back to being called Chase. 

Chase was at dinner celebrating being home and had his grandparents over as well.  He was speaking about Elder Berto and some of the trials that he had.  Chase's mom read an email that I had written to her talking about his relationship with Sydney and what had happened. 
Chase's grandpa asked what Elder Berto's last name was. 

It turns out that Chase's grandpa was Elder Berthelson's mission president, not Elder Alex Berthelson BUT Elder BRET Berthelson

Here is Elder Berto's email about this tender mercy.
Dad, do you remember who you're mission president was back when you served?? So I received an email from my previous comp, Elder Richardson, and he emailed me telling me that he was getting adjusted to being back home in AZ and everything else. He also told me that one night he was talking with his family and he mentioned my name (Elder Berthelson) in front of his grandpa. He said that his grandpa recognized the name because he had been the mission president in the Canary Islands back in the late 80's and said that an Elder Berthelson used to be one of his assistants... Isn't that cool or what?! What a small world. I emailed Elder Richardson back with your phone number, so I don't know if you received a call or anything from him yet. But that's awesome!

We are excited to go meet Chase and Elder Bret Berthelson's mission president.  We will definitely post a picture after introductions are made.

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