Wednesday, November 6, 2013

October 17

.....As for me, I am working very hard at the language, its getting there. Having a native comp is a great blessing for me. Elder Santos is a great guy and I work really well with him. He is from Sonora Mexico which is only 20 min away or so from the AZ border, so yeah almost all my comps so far have either been from AZ or close to it. 


I was able to go to the Boston Temple again on Monday and do an endowment session. First time I've gotten to do that since I've been out on the mission field. I still haven't seen the new presentation though. We had some people who needed the translation in Spanish so that's why we weren't able to view the new one. It's alright though, I love going to the temple whenever possible! Its awesome that I've already had the opportunity to go 3 times since I've been here in NE.

Anyways, I'm blessed to be doing the Lord's work every single day.

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