Wednesday, February 12, 2014

2-12-13, Transfers!

I recently received transfers... I'll be serving in Nashua, New Hampshire! Never thought I'd end up there (same place from "The Office" haha)... But there is a spanish branch there and it sounds like it is growing fast!
(editor's note - the Spanish Branch that he is referring to is is in Lawrence)
This week has been a crazy week as far as receiving transfers and getting everything ready. I was able to visit a lot of the members over the past few days and it has made me realize how much these people really love the missionaries. I mean REALLY LOVE us. It was tough to say goodbye to a lot of these people becaase I had known them ever since coming out on my mission in July. It has been a blessing knowing these amazing people for the time I did and the blessing it is for me as well to be close enough to where I can visit them after the mission. Those are the plans I have so far.
Again I apologize for the short length letters I've been sending lately. I am planning to take AD out to lunch here in a little bit while also making a few other quick visits later today. With AD, I know that these will be one of the few other times I will probably get to visit with him for a while... (this is because if everything works out according to the way I see it, he could possibly have the opportunity to serve his mission during the time that I will still be on mine). Wouldn't that be something?! :) Unfortunately I was not able to take him to the temple to do baptisms, but he is planning to go to the temple trip next weekend with all the youth. I am thrilled for that guy! What a blessing it was for me to work with him.
I am blessed to know everything is going well back home.
Siguen trabajando duro y siguen teniendo la fe. I love you guys!  

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