Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nashua, NH - 2.19.14


In the last email that I wrote last week, I told everyone that we had a Spanish branch in the Nashua area... its actually not the case. We are basically starting what is called a "group," which means we are splitting ourselves from the two English wards in the area. This Spanish group is eventually going to start up beginning on the first Sunday in March. Although the group is made up of pretty much one family (la familia lopez, which consists of 20 active members) and 15 others, everybody is way excited for what is about to take place as far as the Spanish is concerned in Nashua! We are working hard and doing everything we can to get this group started, but the ultimate goal will eventually be to see this group turn into a legit branch/ward someday.

My new companion is pretty cool, his name is Elder Johnston. He is from Pocatello, ID and he is also a sports-guy and enjoys working out just like me. He just got done serving in the Cambridge/Boston, MA part of the mission and he's been there just about as long as I've been in Providence, so we share a lot of stories back and forth about what we've experienced with our different areas. He is a few months older than I am in the mission but only one day younger as far as age goes. We're going to work well with one another:) 

I was not able to write on my P-Day because we had the opportunity to down to Boston to do a temple session. I'm very blessed for the opportunities I have to go to the temple as much as I have on my mission.

As of right now we are pretty much in a middle of a snowstorm... so recently we have had to do more shoveling than teaching. Over the past couple days during this week though, we had to remain inside in our apartments due to the blizzards that is happening in New England. I am tired of the cold. Just remember how blessed we are to live in a place where you don't have to worry about the cold and you can just enjoy the warm weather, because I sure do miss it. I guess I only have to wait it out for a few more weeks though, then maybe we'll get to see the sun if we're lucky.

Glad to know everyone is doing great! That is so cool how Devin Hampton got his call to Salta, Argentina! I was guessing somewhere either in Mexico or Europe... I am really excited for him!
Keep working hard. I know that the Lord has something in store for all of us, its certain. Press forward with faith and good things will happen.

I love you guys.

Elder Berthelson

From Elder Berthelson's new companion:
My new comp is from Phoenix Arizona, and is one day older than me! He is fairly new in the mission, and his Spanish still lacks a bit, so I get to do basically all the talking in Spanish! Which is gonna be great, and my Spanish will hopefully keep growing! Elder Berthelson also played a year of college football before the mission at Southern Virginia, loves to golf, and enjoys working out in the morning! It will be great! We got a sick gym in the apt complex, with treadmills and weights, so we have been going hard in the morning!

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