Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 17th


Esta mision es bien loca! Thats all I have to say... haha. I could write more about everything that went on with you guys back home with: Abuelita, Rich's wedding, etc., but I'll leave it as it is. You guys already know the relationship I've made with these people on the mission. Its amazing just how much the Lord has blessed me. 

This week was pretty good. We had the baptism this past Saturday for G___ Z____. Although he's already 8 years of age and not considered one our investigators, we still considered it a success and a blessing that we were able to be a part of his baptism. Elder Johnston was able to perform the baptismal ordinance, which was also his first time doing so on his mission. So that was pretty exciting for him! I was also able to do the confirmation for G___ in Spanish right after the baptism. So overall this weekend was very special for us.  

As far as the group is going, we are still working hard with the less acitves and our investigators. Unfortunately, yesterday we didn't have as many people show up to our sacrament meeting as we have from the past couple weeks. But nevertheless we are continuing to work hard and by doing everything we can to invite. A couple of our investigators, O____ and his wife B_____, are taking more and more interests in the discussions. Elder Johnston and I are hoping to maybe extend a baptismal date out to them pretty soon. Our other investigators, P___, M_____, and M____ are also slowly progressing little by little. The work this week has been somewhat slow for us but we're doing our best.

I'm glad you guys had a great week, and especially a great weekend with Abuelita! Let her know that I'm not able to call her on the mission but I can definitely write her emails. If you could forward this to her that would be great!

"Abuelita" Argueta,

Gracias por visitar mis padres en Arizona! Ellos estuvieron emocionados a verte y cononcerte mejor. Todo villa no puedo creer que tu podias visitar Chase Richardson por su boda y mis padres... Que fantastico! Y mi papa me dijo que el le encanto tus tortillas tambien, jaja. Ellos te quieren muchisimo!

Unfortunanamente no puedo llamarte en la mision por que es contra de las reglas a llamar otras personas afuera de la area que esta serviendo... Pero por los menos, este es mi correo y definitivamente puedo mandar los correos a ti! Te extrano a ti y otras personas en Rhode Island. Ustedes estan los mejores!

Te quiero mucho!

- Elder Berto  

Thanks for taking care of her, that honestly means a lot to me. Its awesome how the Lord puts people in your life for certain reasons one way or another. Again, I am very blessed to have the relationships that I've had and will continue to have on my mission. 

Keep working hard. I love you all!

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