Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 10th


What a week all of you guys had! I'm still in shock that Rich is married... and not only that but Abuelita showed up to the wedding!!! What the heck haha. I got the chills when I saw all those pictures including the one of dad and Abuelita at the wedding. And now you guys are planning to have her stay over at our house. Wow! Talk about a small world. Make sure to buy some "masa brasa" and avacados when she comes over to the house then. Oh man they are the best tortillas! Las Guatemaltecas saben como a cocinar! Papi, creo que si tu la haces venir a abuelita a la casa, tu dieta irĂ¡ en la direcion opuesta jaja:) But yes, she took great care of me, and I know you guys will do the same.

Anyways, thanks for all the news and info that's been happening. Its sounds like you guys had an awesome weekend! FYI I never served with that Elder Gonzalez... I actually finished the last 6 weeks of training a different Elder Gonzalez who is still serving in Providence right now. Oh yeah, I don't think I've ever made it known to you guys that I had the opportunity to be a part-time trainer on the mission. (I never had made it known because I didn't do much training, if anything that guy was the one training me). But yeah it sounds like the other Gonzalez is pretty cool too. I heard a ton of good things from Rich about him. Shoot, I can go on and on by asking you guys how everything went with Rich's wedding... still can't believe it, crazy! That's cool, I'm excited for him. 

As for me I am doing pretty good. Johnston and I have worked really hard this week as far as working with the less active members. Also this week we picked up one new investigator, O____, who seems really interested and dedicated to learning more about the church. We were able to teach him the Resturation this past week and it went really well. He has plans to write out a bunch of questions for us, so our next visit with him should be pretty interesting. Also yesterday was another big day for us. Even though we had 10 less people show up to sacrament mtg than what we had the week before- 48 in total, we still had great success. Like what I wrote earlier, we worked really hard with the less active members in the area; so as a result, we had a total of 4 less actives show up to church and they stayed for the entire time! 2 of those less actives are youth, R____ y R___ A____ while the other 2 include J___ P___-24, who told us he has the desire to serve a mission (even had an interview with the bishop yesterday) and another guy, Hermano C_____, who hasn't been to church in over 3 yrs. He was constantly attending the Catholic church after falling away from the church but we finally got him to come back. All we had to do was invite these people and the Lord took care of the rest!

So President Packard also got word of the amount of people that showed up for our Spanish group and was thrilled with our efforts here in Nashua. He was so impressed that he wanted to see the Spanish group for himself. So yesterday, him and his son attended our sacrament meeting, which was pretty cool too. They got to witness the Spanish group for themselves and be a part of our sacrament meeting, even though they had no idea what was going on because of the language barrier. But all and all yesterday was a great day. Don't get me wrong it is not easy whatsoever, I have a ton of days where I'm pretty miserable. But it is sure worth it to actually see of the successes from your efforts.

Speaking of successes... you guys mentioned that Abuelita told you guys that I was able to run into her at the temple a couple weeks prior. That's because I had the opportunity to help out my buddy A____ D_____ go through the temple for the first time a couple weeks back, Feb 22, 2013. A_____, the youth and most of the members of the Prov Spanish Ward were able to make it into attendance that day to do baptisms for the dead. Talk about the all time experience and blessing I had! Just incredible...... What a joy and blessing it will also be to maybe take him to the temple again to assist him in performing other ordinances down the road.          

Keep up the hard work. It's still snowing where I'm at, so I hope you all continue to enjoy the warm weather. 

I pray for you guys daily. I love you all.

Elder Berthelson

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