Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March 3rd


Thank you for your letters this week! It sounds like Grandma and Grandpa had an awesome trip as they were able to go to Tennessee and Mississippi this past week. I'm sure Grandma loved going to Graceland as I know how much she loves Elvis Presley. Thanks for the pics too. Grandma and Grandpa looked happy and looked like they had a blast to be with you K. Dad, have you been able to go to any Spring Training games lately? I think its already started up by now. I'm sure Doug will want to go out with you as well. Next time you see him, let him know I'm doing great. 

So this week was pretty cool. President Packard was able to help us out a bunch here in Nashua as he gave us the green light to hand out "anuncios" or "flyers" to people; letting them know about the group that has pretty much already started up. We were also able to hang a lot of these flyers up on the local "Hispanic" stores and buildings that are located near downtown Nashua. It almost felt like we were campaigning for the Church, as we were able to also do a bunch of street contacting and tracking handing out these flyers. I thought it was way cool since I've hardly ever had to do door to door knocking on my mission until now. Even though it's not as effective, I enjoy it a lot! But along with street contacting and tracking, we also passed many of these anuncios out to our members and encouraged them to be involved in the work by having them invite their friends/family members to the group as well. So overall we did have a lot of success, as it showed yesterday during our sacrament meeting. We ended up having a total of 58 people who attended the meeting yesterday! 2 of them were our investigators. This Sunday couldn't have gone better as we also had fast and testimony meeting. My companion and I claim to be the first "gringos" to bear their testimonies in Spanish during a sacrament meeting in the state of New Hampshire. We thought that was pretty cool. I know that this group will only continue to increase from here on out!

We are also working hard with our investigators and less actives as well. G___ Z____, our 8 yr old investigator, is planning to be baptized the following Sunday. He is without a doubt ready and super excited for it! 

We are also working to set a baptismal date for another one of our investigators, P___ J_____. We are planning to meet with her sometime this upcoming week as we plan to set a date with her as early as March 23. We feel that she will be ready to commit to baptism as early as then.


Thanks for your testimonies on the temple as well. I know that the temple has a great significance in our lives as we are able to be edified and filled with the spirit every time we attend. I'm blessed to be able to go often and feel that comfort and joy. That's awesome how Devin was able to go for the first time this past week to take out his endowments. I still can't believe you guys are going to Rich's wedding! Crazy he's already getting married too haha. I'm way excited for him.

There's not one day that goes by on the mission where I feel like I am not being challenged. Either spiritually, physically, or mentally, everyday is something different. But I know that my faith is only increasing because of it. 

Keep working hard guys. I love you all.
Elder Berthelson

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