Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21st


Today is a great day for everyone in New England! Yes, I will be going to the Boston Marathon this morning. (Its too bad the Sox also play the same time as the race or else I could go to both...) President Packard is also having everyone dress in their proselyting clothes to represent the LDS missionaries. I'm way excited, It's just going to great!!

What an exciting time for all of our friends and family. Congrats to Lauren Dodd for her mission call to Salt Lake City! She's going to do great things. Also for Devin, best of luck for him. He's going to be a great missionary as well. And that's awesome that you were able to surprise Kennedy Coley. Couldn't imagine one of our friends visiting me on the mission... haha. But it sounds like you guys had a great time down in Houston and Beaumont TX! Can't wait to make it down there sometime too after the mission.        

I'll write a quick message and wish you all a Happy Easter. I know that my Savior lives. I can't really explain how close of a relationship I have had with my Father in Heaven during the course of this mission; and the changes that I've seen not only in the lives of others but in my own life as well.

"We need to understand the Savior in order to better understand ourselves." - unknown

This is my testimony to you all. 

I love you guys so much. Keep up the hard work everyday. Dad- You know where I'll be;) BostonStrong!!

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