Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 16th


It sounded like everyone had a great week this week, especially all that went on in Palm Springs this past weekend! 

I am doing well. I had my interviews with President Packard this past Monday, so that is why I am  sending my emails out to you guys now. But I am also taking this time to write everyone letters this week, so this email will be fairly short for that reason.

Yes the Boston Marathon is coming up. Everyone here is pretty excited for it. It also signifies the one year mark of the bombings that left a mark in Boston and all over the New England area. It is still being talked about today... All I have to say is "BostonStrong!"

Thanks for all the letters. Karen- Thanks for the Easter package. E. Johnston says thanks for the tie. 

I pray for you all often. I love you all.      

We got these pics from Sister Johnston - Elder Berto's companion's mom
Elder Berto always got dead last when he had his Pinewood Derby.  Looks like he had the same results when he was helping his buddy.  


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