Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 7th


I am doing well and I had a good week. Conference was great! I don't think I can express enough about the importance of General Conference and the blessings that come when we follow and act upon the teachings of our Prophet, President Monson, his Apostles and the General Authority. I don't think I could pick out a favorite talk either because they were all way good. I am also blessed to receive a personal witness and testimony of the promptings that I felt as I watched Conference. I know what they said to be true because I received my own confirmation through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

I don't really have too many other things to say. The work is steady right now. This week we just extended a lot of invitations to watch both the Saturday and Sunday sessions of Conference. This week we will be following up with a lot of these people that we extended this invitation to. 

Unfortunately nothing new has happened since I last wrote to you guys from last week. Maybe I'll have a cool story or something for next week.

Dad- I got the package with the letter. Thanks again for that! 5 miles. Wow, you're the guy. Keep it up! 
Karen- Enjoy Palm Springs with Dad. Let the Hampton's and Sis Moser know that I'm doing good.   
Jazz- Te mande un otro correo. Te quiero.

Hathaway Family- Hope you all enjoyed conference! Love you guys.

Have a good week. Keep working hard. I love you guys.   

Elder Berthelson

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