Monday, June 16, 2014

June 16th

This week has been really good. It's pretty safe to say that I am at that point of the mission where it is a little bit of a challenge for me to think back at what I did this past week since it all felt like a blur. It feels like the last time a wrote to you guys was just the other day... that's how fast it is going by.
Something great that happened this week- 
On Friday, we received a call from my mission president, President Packard, and he informed us about the significance these next 4-5 weeks are for this Spanish Group we have started in Lowell. He told us these weeks will either determine whether or not this Group will so-call "survive" depending on how many people we would have attending it... Later in the conversation, President finally told us a goal that he had in mind for us this week that he felt was right. He told us that it should be our goal to have a total of 25 total people in attendance for this weeks sacrament meeting. The first week we had 42 people, but knowing that more than half those people were only there for support for the first meeting and nothing more, I was a little skeptical about the number. Adding to that, we also had visited, attempted to contact, and tracted all of our less-active members that were on our ward list. We did not have very much success with that whatsoever during this past week.
I prayed a lot over the weekend that we would be able to reach our goal knowing how hard we worked during this past week. So yesterday, as we showed up to the meeting 5 minutes beforehand, there were only 6 people in the room... I was bummed and honestly felt a little humiliated for how many people actually showed up. But at 9:00, right before the meeting started, everyone just showed up almost at one time, it was amazing! And not only that, but we ended up having 25 exactly! I also had the blessing of giving a talk yesterday on how Heavenly Father shows his unconditional love for everyone of his children. I ended up tying in that topic with Fathers and related back on how Dad has shown his love to me by teaching me important principals that would bless me throughout my life.
Thanks Dad, Happy Fathers Day!         
I did not receive transfers, which means I will be with Elder Johnston for another 6 weeks. I kind of feel like Jazzy and her first companion; this will be my 4th transfer with him...  I believe we work hard and make a good team nonetheless.
I did get the letter from dad as well. Thanks for the Dunkin Donuts gift card, that will come in good use for sure! 
It sounds like everyone is doing great! And yes, we will definitely be playing the Troon when I get back. I'm looking forward to that.            

Keep working hard guys. I pray for you all everyday. Les quiero mucho!

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