Monday, July 21, 2014

July 21st


I really can't believe how fast these weeks are going. Honestly, it feels like the days are flying by, it felt like I just emailed you guys the other day... But this week was really good. We worked so hard to visit all our less actives and we were able to have great success to find a less active family that we've never met, the A_____. We've been trying to reach out to this family for the past 2 months with no luck, but we were finally able to meet them for the first time this past week and it turns out they are way cool. They don't have too much interest in returning to the church, but we were able to talk about their conversion stories and to have them realize the impact the gospel has had in their lives. We are planning to work with them little by little and let the Lord take care of the rest. It's those small miracles in the week that make everything worth it though! Especially when the work is slow, or not going as expected. I am learning how important it is to look for the small successes in the work and to trust in the Lord, no matter the circumstances. We were also able to see the blessings yesterday at church, when we had a total of 43 people attend our sacrament meeting, the most we've had in the group so far! 

We were also able to pick up 2 new investigators this past Tuesday, W_____ and his wife C____ from Puerto Rico. We taught them the Restoration and extended a baptismal invitation. Unfortunately they didn't commit to the baptismal invitation though, but we will continue to work with them. There's 2 more potential investigators that have a lot of interest. It will be our goal to go visit them this upcoming week. So as far as the work is concerned, there are a lot of good potential for this Spanish Group and more success yet to come!  

Thank you for all your letters! I got the letter from Dad. You're the man! And no need for an apologize either, I get pumped every time I receive a letter! I know how special those are, its a thing that I greatly appreciate as well. And yes, we're going golfing at that one course when I get back, no doubt about that! 
Karen-   I'll look for your hand-written letter this week in the mail as well. Those pics of Lake Powell and the Phx Temple are amazing. Two places that I also want to go when I get back!
Jazz- Those pictures are awesome!! Are those the Andes Mts in the back round? I like the one with the Chilean Flag, that looks sweet!! Sounds like you are doing great as well! Sigue con el trabajo. Espero que todo te vaya bien con tigo! 

We are receiving information on transfers this week. Elder Johnston and I have been together as companions for almost 6 months (about a quarter of our mission). We will see what will happen with this transfer, as far as all that is concerned... I will let you know where next week if there are any changes that occurs.

I know that the Lord has helped strengthened my testimony and given me opportunities to expound my knowledge in the gospel. I've also been greatly blessed to know just how much He wants me to grow and go through difficult times on the mission. This, I know, allows me to depend on Him daily. There are so many times when I feel tired or disappointed but those are the times when I feel I need Him the most. I consider this a blessing to know just how much I can look up to my Father in Heaven and exercise my faith. Because of this, I am able to further understand that everything does happens for a reason. 

Keep up the good work this week. I love you all!        
Elder Berthelson

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