Monday, July 28, 2014

July 28th Transfers

I'll have to apologize in advance because I don't have too much time, I'll have to make this email short this week. We are taking the day today to go down to Boston! A lot of the missionaries from our zone are leaving to go home, so we are taking this day to go to the aquarium and to hang out Downtown. Dad- Maybe I'll head over to Tia's and grab some Lobstah later this afternoon:) lol. 

But as for me, I guess you can say this week was a pretty good. Just to let you all know, I did receive transfers- I will be serving in Woodbridge, Connecticut- English. I have also been blessed to have been called as a Zone Leader for the New Haven Zone for our mission (for that reason I'm English speaking). My zone covers basically all of South East Connecticut on the coast line, just barely touching the border of New York. Crazy enough, the furthest part of the mission boundary that I will be in is only a short hour train ride from NYC! Closer than my own city here in Boston... But yes, it is definitely a privilege to be able to receive this kind of responsibility, knowing how much President Packard has faith in me to be able to serve in this capacity of leadership right away. I also know that I have been blessed and will continue to be blessed to have these different experiences here on the mission. 

Thank you guys for all your letters! Karen- Thank you as well for the letter on family history. What a blessing it is to know that one of your ancestors was a pioneer who ended up being mentioned in a general conference talk back in the 90's. Way cool! 

Keep working hard guys. Les Quiero Mucho!

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