Monday, August 4, 2014

August 4th

So this week was basically a week of saying my good-bye's to a few of the families that I had a strong connection with over in Lowell, MA. The G______family especially. I told you guys a little bit about R___ G_____- our Group Leader for the Spanish Group. Him and his family were by far my favorite people in that area. I will definitely take the time to meet with them again; if not on the mission, afterwards for sure! (I only have printed pictures of the families that I visited this past week...)
On Wednesday we were able to receive transfers. My new companion, Elder R______, is pretty cool. He is from Rexburg, Idaho and played basketball and ran track in high school. He also attended a semester of college over at BYU-I. He is a hard, dedicated worker just like myself. I'm definitely going to enjoy working with him, we are already having success being with each other just a few days into the transfer! We have 3 upcoming baptisms for this month alone!
The transition from my last area to serving in a whole new area speaking only English is one of the things that is a challenge for me though... It feels like a whole different mission for me because everything is different- the routine, language, people we work with, exhausting late nights etc. But I love it nonetheless! I also love my Zone! All of us are focused on the goal of finding new investigators since most of our areas were one of the highest baptizing zones in the mission, so we needed to have a "fresh start" for this part of the month. We are all way excited and looking forward to this new goal that we have. It is going to be our responsibility to teach and train these missionaries this week and for us to figure out ways to motivate them in order for them to find more people to teach. 
I had the opportunity to bear my testimony yesterday to my new ward family here in Woodbridge, CT as I expressed my excitement about doing the Lord's work. I was also able to share the blessings that I received from doing so. I know that I am able to receive specific guidance from the Holy Spirit as I am focused by acting on the small things as reading my scriptures and praying with a sincerity of heart to my Heavenly Father. I am also strengthened spiritually as I act on these promptings, which gives me more opportunities to share my testimony with others and to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost more often. 
Thank you for all your letters, it sounds like everyone is doing great!
I love you all!

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