Monday, August 11, 2014

August 11th

I am doing well. This week was a super busy week as far as trainings, all-day long meetings and interviews with President Packard. The whole week pretty much consisted of that. So as far as proselyting goes, there wasn't too much happening... the mission life for me has definitely changed for sure, but I love it! 

I was also able to give my first training to our Zone during our Zone Meeting last Friday. The topic was how to "open your mouth" to contact people on the street. I'm glad I was able to learn from the best- Michael Scott- to make our boring trainings a little more interesting. What I did was I was able to dress up in character, (as "Da-Rell" from downtown New Haven) and we were able to act out different scenarios of how to approach crazier people on the street and using different strategies to share the gospel with them. I believe we were able to get our message across and of course that the missionaries were also able to feel uplifted and inspired to basically do missionary work as well. As far as myself, it feels like it is always work, work and more work... so I'm glad that I could have a little fun doing things, such as this, to motivate even myself as well:)
This upcoming Sunday, we have a baptism scheduled for a 16 year old girl, L__ B__. I've only been able to work with her for about a week, but she seems solid and definitely ready to make her baptismal covenant. We are way thrilled and excited for her! The rest of her family is Catholic, but they are in full support nonetheless. We also have a couple other progressing investigators, (M____, B____ and T______) which aren't quite as solid, but we are continuing to work with them daily. We also have a ton of potential investigators we are working with as well. I'm blessed to be kept busy in the service of the Lord.       

Dad- I received your letter in the mail the other day. I totally understand, thank you for your advice
 a.k.a the "turkey sub" 
:) Our church building in Woodbridge is 
​also ​
right next to this pretty nice golf course as well
 ​, I think it's a private club​
. Talk about temptation lol. No but 
 are sure going to 
 some good times when 
​I get back, you know it man!​

Karen- That is way cool how you brought up your family and that great grandpa J also lived here in CT! Because many times this week, I was able to not only help out a couple recent converts with researching ​family names to take to the temple, but I kept getting reminded the importance of family history many times throughout the course of this week as well. Recently, It has been something that has intrigued me to study more about. As it states in Malachi 4/D&C 2- "Children will turn their hearts to their Fathers and the Fathers unto the hearts of their children." (something like that). A profound scripture that inspires me to continue to learn about. So yes, I would appreciate if you could send me another story or anything, thank you for that!
Jazz- Gracias por tu mensaje y esos fotos. Te di una carta y la envi hace un mes o algo asi. Espero que ricibiras pronto:) Te quiero Jazzy, Sigue adelante! 
Thank you for the shared experiences as well. What a blessing to know about the connections we have with one another, whether with our family history or with our friends or people in the church, whomever. We are all brothers and sisters of our Heavenly Father and so we all share a special connection in some way.

 Keep up all that you guys do.
Love you guys!

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