Monday, October 27, 2014

October 27th

The Phoenix Temple is amazing!!! I'm so excited to see the progress of the temple and now to finally see it done... wow! What a blessing for our family to have a temple literally in our backyard. What a great experience for you guys- dad and karen- to invite friends and family to join in on the open house. I'd imagine you guys have been getting plenty of questions in regards with the temple and with the church in general. That is awesome! I'm happy to hear about it all and also excited to enter it myself when I come home. (Absolutely the first thing I will be doing is going through that Temple)
I am doing well. My health is great and I feel good. No complaints there. The work is progressing as usual too, poco a poco. Hay personas en que estamos trabajando, como nuestro investigadores (S___, A___ B___, etc)  que sean progresando por lo menos. Es un tiempo que vayan durar un poco por que la clima esta cambiando. When the whether in New England changes, it unfortunately means the work changes with it as well... It is what it though. We make the best with what we are given, that is all. Hence, BostonStrong:)
We had our Trunk o Treat the other night; man it reminded me so much of both the Parkway Ward in WI and the Woodridge Ward in Bolingbrook when we did those. Of course Elder Lee and I participated by dressing up as "the missionaries" and helped by passing out candy to the kids. We were also able to make chilli for the activity. They ended up giving us the award for the worst tasting chilli.... haha:) We had no idea what we were doing when it came to making chilli, but it was so much fun! - All the ward members ended up signing up on our dinner calender the day after at church because they realized how bad our cooking was lol.
We have a lot going on as far as meetings for the next couple weeks. This Wednesday Elder Lawrence from the 70 is planning to meet with all the leaders in the mission. Which means I will have the opportunity to have a one on one interview with him. I'm pretty excited to have this opportunity to have someone from the general authority interview me. It will be a very cool and uplifting spiritual experience for sure!
Dad- I'm looking forward to getting your letter in response of what has been on my mind recently and your thoughts on what I wrote to you. Make sure to definitely invite D____ to the Temple. Let him know as well that I'm pulling through for his Giants.    
Karen- ............ I am just blessed to be serving where I am and to be given these opportunities to where I can maintain good physical health on the mission as well. Thanks for the pics btw, I can't get over how cool this temple is! Oh, one of my best friends from SVU is actually serving on the temple grounds as well. His name is Elder Lewis, he is from the Seattle, WA area. I gave him your contact info and told him to hit up our house for dinner or something. He's a stud. If you can try to look out for him, that would be sweet!
Jazzy- Mira por una carta en el correo. No se cuando va a durar hasta el tiempo cuando puedes recibirlo. Tambien gracias por tus respuestas del correo que me enviaste la semana pasada en relacion con tus planes despues de la mision. Pero sigue con el trabajo como siempre! Te quiero hermana.
Thank you guys for your love and support. Keep working hard. Love you all!
Elder BerthelsonBostonStrong

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