Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10th

This week was a good week. I have definitely been uplifted spiritually after meeting with President Packard last Wednesday, along with other events that occurred throughout the week. I'm also very blessed to know that a lot of my concerns and questions that I have prayed about are being answered, in various ways. And dad, yes the weeks are flying by. Sometimes it's almost going by too fast... I just have to enjoy the moments, both good and not so good. Like yesterday, it was really disappointing to see that none of our investigators were able to attend church. Even after having a solid lesson the day before with our investigator, A___ B____, we were able to testify so strong about the Restoration and later we ended up extending a baptismal invitation for her for the end of November. She accepted but obviously still felt hesitant about it. The only way to know how committed people are to accept the gospel in their lives is if they are willing to keep those commitments and have the faith to act on it. Again, pretty disappointing as far as the work is concerned... Elder Lee and I are going to continue to have strong hopes and pray for those that have baptismal dates for this month. (A___ and S___). And of course, I gotta remember to enjoy it!   
I'm glad that you guys were able to enjoy the time with everyone in Palm Springs over the weekend! Everyone looks great:) It looks like dad has been hitting the weights at the gym- keep it up man! I'm sure Trevor is also tearing it up for his team in Pasadena. That's awesome.
Dad- I'm looking forward to your letter like always! Thanks for sending those. I honestly believe that the concept of sports can be applied to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Every time I speak with a youth that is interested in sports, I always relate back and compare the concepts of either football, basketball, etc. (whatever their interests) to the gospel. So when you sent me the letter, "blocking and tackling" analogy, it was clear to me because of the experiences that I've gone through growing up playing football. So again, thank you for that.     
Karen- It seems like so many people are getting married. Crazy! Speaking of the married crew, how are guys like Rex Bale, Bubba or Derek Gunter doing? I have not been able to contact them at all throughout my mission. I need to write them a letter or something. If you could email me an address or email that would be awesome:)
Jazz- Hope you had a great birthday!! I'm sure you were able to disfrutar pastel y hacer muchas cosas locas para tu cumpleanos. jaja. Espero que tuvieras una buena semana y continuar a trabajar duro!
I'm blessed that you all are happy and well! That is what I am thankful for, as Thanksgiving is already approaching in the next week and a half. Let Jazz and I know about your guys' plans for that. Are you all still planning to spend time with the Dodd's during Thanksgiving?
Have a great week. Les Quiero Mucho!     
Elder BerthelsonBostonStrong

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