Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17th


I had a good week this week, nothing too crazy though. ........ I did however receive the envelope with all the elders and sisters info from the NC ward. That was way cool to read some of the info from Nathan, Kennedy, Sarah, and Holden's missions. I'm just glad to know that everyone is having great experiences and learning a lot from their missions as well.

This Sunday was the week of our Primary Program, so we actually had a great turnout for both members and nonmembers coming to church. This week as well we were able to teach both Anna and her family and Steve and his family. This means, not only are we preparing for A____'s baptism for Nov. 30th and S____'s baptism for Nov. 29th, but we have also invited the entire family of both individuals to join them to be baptized too. They all accepted! So right now, we are preparing for 2-3 baptisms for the end of this month and hopefully 2 more for the next. There is also a lot of excitement all over the mission with regards to the amount of success we are able to have to complete the goal of 70 total, a record that has never been done before in the mission. It's a great time to be in the Boston, MA mission for sure.

What a great time to be in PHX right now too! With the Temple Dedication, I'm sure that has people excited out there as well. I was reading on about the temple dedication and the youth cultural event. Again, I'm excited to come home to a temple literally in our backyard. What a blessing for all of us.

Thank you guys for your love and support. The Lord is truly blessing us because of our obedience and willingness to serve his children. 

Have a great week. Les quiero mucho!  

Elder Berthelson

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