Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24th


Today is freezing.... Its only a chilly 65 degrees to be exact:) I'm so grateful for days like this when I can enjoy a bit of warm weather before the snow actually comes. (Not looking forward to it at all). But this week was a great week for us here in Connecticut. We actually met with S____ yesterday and talked with him about his baptism that is going to take place this upcoming Sunday. I am so excited for him!!! He even agreed to allow me to perform the ordinance for him. I'm so blessed that we were able to help him progress, which will also allow him to receive the Holy Ghost and the Aaronic Priesthood afterwards so that he can have the chance baptize his wife and his son. its great! Unfortunately, we will probably have to postpone A____'s baptism date for the next month. She says that she will most likely be ready during that time. But its alright though, its only for the best for her whenever she feels ready and a time that is right. All in all, it is really a great time for us! We already have 63 baptisms throughout the mission, which means only 7 more baptisms need to occur for the next week- We have about 30 baptisms that are going to take place throughout the mission next week, including Steve's. We are thrilled overall here in our mission. We know that the Lord has blessed us with miracles and has allowed us to see the blessings and the changes that occur, through conversion, by being baptized in his Holy name. I have a strong testimony of that and hope to continue to have more experiences like these throughout the remainder of my mission. (Mosiah 18:8-13)

As for me, I am doing well:) I definitely feel a lot healthier in regards with my physical health overall. This week, we also have our transfers coming up. I have been here in CT for about 3 transfers now, so I have no idea where I will end up... (hopefully I can stay here for at least 1 more). But its wherever the Lord wants me to serve. 

Dad- Thanks for the letters man, I will look for the next one this week. I am so excited for our new temple too! I was able to watch the videos for both the cultural celebration and the dedication. It is great to have a temple so close to the house, I'm glad you were able to go this past week. Tell Frank "beefy" wants to make a trip out there sometime next year! (Some of my post-mission plans that I have). 
Karen- That's exciting that you are going on a cruise with everyone, including Grandma and Grandpa B lol. That is fun to hear! Also, those gloves might not be a bad idea. Only 1 more winter to survive... Enjoy the weather in AZ as much as you can! :)
Jazz- Are you going back to LSU after? Let me know the plans. I'm looking forward to the skype on Christmas for sure, its just right around the corner:) Disfruta el resto de la semana hermana! Te Quiero!

I hope you guys enjoy your thanksgiving, whether in Chicago, Chile, TX wherever you guys are at. I just want you to know how thankful I am to be a missionary and a representative of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am thankful to have the knowledge that pertains through diligence and obedience and to be lead and guided everyday by the Holy Spirit. I know that this gospel is real, for I am able to live it. 

And as well, I am thankful for all your love and support which you have given me. Let the folks know in Chi that I say hi and that I'm doing well. Have a great week. Les quiero mucho! 

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