Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15th


It was a good week this week. We had a lot of meetings scheduled for all the leaders in the mission with regards to what our plans will be, or our "next step," from the goal that we were able to accomplish from the last month with 100 baptisms. Long story short, I was able to contribute and share some of my ideas to President Packard and the rest of the mission on what we should do. I was very blessed to feel inspired to speak out during our meeting and to contribute to the plans that are about to take place for us here in the MBM.  

With this month in December, the mission has another goal by taking 100 of our recent converts (those who were baptized from last month or months prior) to the temple by Dec. 27th! Its also required that these individuals who are planning to go to the Temple will need to take a family name to do baptisms. We are already planning on taking one of our members here in Nashua to the temple. I'm still working to see if A____

will be able to attend to do baptisms with us as well:) "Missionary work through missionary work!" We also have our Mission Christmas Party that's happening this Friday. It really is an exciting time for our mission right now.   

Other than that, I don't really have a whole lot to say for this week... We had our Christmas Pageant that took place here in our ward this past weekend. It was a re-inactment of the live Nativity, outside in the freezing cold. It felt like the whole town was pretty much involved, which was really neat. It reminded me a lot of the Nativity performance that we did back in Bolingbrook. Yep, I still remember being one of the shepherds in the performance and yes, I was "that" kid who played with the goats. Great times:)     
Dad/Karen- Thanks for the San Diego letter and the 2015 calenders. Although the Chargers will not make the playoffs this year, there will always be next year for sure! Glad to know that you guys are also taking care of Cambria and Hunter. That's great how you were able to take them to the temple! :) 
Jazzy- Can't wait for Christmas!!!! I wrote you a seperate email. Just let me know what time will work best for you:)
I'm blessed to know that all is going well back home. Also to know that Jazzy will be all good to go when she goes home... I'm sure you guys can hardly wait for her!
Have a great week. Love you guys!
Elder Berthelson

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