Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19th


Everything is going well for me in my new area! I have no complaints of anything whatsoever in regards to the missionary work in this area. So far, we have 3 baptismal dates set for a family, all that are going to occur for the month of Feb! The elders and sisters that are in the Springfield Zone are awesome as well! And yes I believe this is the place where I will most likely end my mission.

As far as the members go here in the Ludlow Ward, they are great:) There are so many members that are willing to come out with us during the day, which has been the most I've been able to see on my mission. For my first Sunday in the ward, I was able to meet 3 families that are also from out west in AZ. So yesterday at church I was able to have some sweet conversations with a few of them, with one of the members also being a graduate from Mountain Ridge H.S. back in the 90's. Such a small world...    

For the majority of this week, I've just been pretty busy with good-byes being said back in Nashua and new work that I was able to do here in Springfield. It's great! Plus the Pats are in the Superbowl, so the people here in NE are pretty content as well:) 
I'm glad you all had a good time at the Hathaway's! That is awesome how you guys were able to see one another. The pics in New Orleans reminded me of when Jazz and I went before I left for college. Great times! I will make a trip out there soon enough. 

Keep me posted on the cruise with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm sure it will be a hoot lol. Tell them I say hi and I love them as well.

Have a great week. Les Quiero Mucho!   

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