Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26th

Not too much has been happening lately, except the fact that all of New England has been preparing for one of the worst snow storms in history. Or as they claim... they're saying about 30 in! Blizzard conditions will last later today till mid-Wednesday.  So today will be a day of literal preparation as far as getting things ready for the blizzard Juno. I hope you enjoyed your Cruise!!!
I am doing well though, I have no complaints:) We have been able to pick up a couple new investigators over this past week, which has been keeping us very busy everyday. I have not been this busy in the work for while now, so I sure do love it! Its nice to always be kept busy and to remain consistently focused on the Lord and His work.  

Thanks for sending me the application forms for the schools I have interests in. ...............But for now my future plans on all that are still wide-open, so I will just leave it at that. I just completed all my other applications for all the other schools so I am all set.
Glad you guys are enjoying your cruise right now lol. I will probably be inside most of this week or once this Blizzard is done... what can you do though. Only the Lord knows and apparently has a purpose for it. But all I know is that it is not going to stop us from hastening His work!
I will try to remember to send pics next time. Keep up the good work. Tell the grandparents I love them too.
Les Quiero Mucho!

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