Monday, February 2, 2015

February 2nd


Despite the two blizzards we had during the week, we were still able to accomplish a ton! As a Zone, we were able to reach a total of 51 New Investigators for the month of January, which is the all time record for this area of the mission! President Packard was so thrilled about our efforts that he himself and his wife attended our Stake Conference this past weekend and gave us a shout-out about our accomplishments. (Keeping in mind that this time of the year is the worst time to find people to teach along with our Zone being the largest geographical region in the mission). He called this area of the mission, "The New Jerusalem" because of the unity that we have as both missionaries and ward members here in this area of New England. Honestly, we really have been busy with finding new investigators and with having several teaching appointments, just in my area alone. The next step for all of us is to set baptismal dates for those that are ready to make that covenant of baptism. It really is a fantastic to see the blessings that come from the Lord.

One of our investigators that we are working with, J___ C___, was a former investigator that previous missionaries were working with about eight years ago. Assuming he wasn't alive anymore, since his teaching records showed that he was in his 80's at the time, we still decided to knock on his door anyways to see if anyone else lived there. We found out that he was actually still living on his own at 90 years old. We also found out that he was a WWII vet that served in the Marines in Japan. He was one of the ones that raised one of the flags on Iwo Jima when America won the war. J____ also ended up coming to Stake Conference this past weekend, which was awesome too! He is actually one of the coolest investigators I've been able to work with since he has so many stories to tell. Great guy for sure. We are also teaching M___ M____, V___ V_____, M__ A____ and Y___ R____ and her kids as well.    

We are working hard everyday. This week will be filled with leadership meetings and counsels as well. Hopefully the snow will stop for us at some point. But other than that, enjoy that southern climate because I'm sure freezing out here. It won't be too much longer though.

Keep working hard in all that you do. One of these days I will send some pictures....
Les Quiero Mucho!

Go Pats!!!! 2015 Super Bowl Champs, woooo!! :) 

Elder Berthelson

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