Tuesday, January 21, 2014

January 13th

This week has been interesting to say the least. Elder Gonzalez and I were able to set another baptismal date for one of our investigators, A____, for the month of April. We set the date that far ahead because he has the desire to be baptized, but he has problems with the law of chastity- as in he lives with his wife and both aren't married... So we told him he will need to show his faith in order to turn to God and make the decision for himself whether or not he wants to get married, be separated, etc. We know that he will make the right decision on this matter as long as he remains faithful.
We have also been having a little difficulty with B_____ as well. After teaching him a couple more lessons during the week, he shows the desire to want to know more. But he has been struggling on keeping commitments as far as attending church and reading is concerned...
(Funny story)- This past Saturday, Elder Gonzalez and I were able to take one of the youth to come work with us for the whole day. His name is F____, a recent convert of only 3 months. Anyways, as we picked him up from his house, he was dressed with nice clothes, new shoes and all that. We warned him that his clothes might get a little dirty because we would be riding bikes but he didn't bother to listen to us. We ended up biking a 5-10 miles that day in the freezing New England rain. We were completely drenched and freezing the entire day! Talk about hating the missionaries, haha. Nonetheless, he loved coming out to work with us, he was a trooper! But after that experience, we are just hoping he will even want to serve a mission, lol. I know he will though:)
I am taking Hermana Berthelson's advise from the last letter she wrote and am going to ask you guys to pray also for our investigators and certain individuals here in Providence by name
Please Pray for:
AR- He may make the right decision on his marriage situation to become closer to God and baptism
BA- He can keep commitments and attend church in order to receive revelation
ND- She may be comforted during the trial she is encountering as her husband is slowly passing away from cancer
Karen- What a cool story! You are able to do missionary work without almost realizing it. That was cool how that woman on the phone brought up something online that you probably posted a while ago. Anyways, thanks for the glue-ins and the talk as well. I'll let you know when I receive them. Have fun in BR! Let the Hathaways know how much I care for them as well! I'm sure their family is very appreciative of all the things you do for them.
Jazz- Keep working hard. Te quiero:) jaja 
I will also do my part and pray for certain individuals. 
I hope you guys have a good week, have fun with the Hathaways in LA!
Keep working hard. Love you guys. Go Pats!

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