Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6th

Thank you guys for your testimonies and powerful messages- (jazzy w/ the message on priesthood) that you guys have written to me this past week. I too have had a great week with amazing experiences as well. One of which happened just last week when we were teaching one of our previous investigators, whose name is B___. He's a 17 year old Dominican kid who lives in the "projects." He was taught many times by the missionaries before we started working with him, but he never really progressed. So a couple weeks prior we just simply asked him what principle he wanted to know more about, and he told us he was interested on knowing more about the Plan of Salvation. So last week, we were able to have a lesson on that topic, and while I was bearing testimony of our Savior towards the end of the lesson, I had a direct prompting to invite him to be baptized at that moment (we never planned on setting a baptismal. date for him since its been so long since we worked with him). He accepted the baptismal invitation for the next month in February. 
It's amazing to know how promptings by the holy spirit work in our lives. I know that they are direct messages from the Lord that come by certain thoughts or feelings we have, that prompts us to make decisions that will ONLY lead to the BEST outcomes. Specifically what I experienced this past week with B____, it just "clicked" for me to extend that invitation to him. The thought that also came to my mind as well (that dad might also be familiar with) goes as- "Some may not want to go to the party, but everyone wants to receive the invite..." 
I'm blessed to also be working with an amazing companion as well, Elder Gonzalez (from Salt Lake, grew up in Mexico). This guy has really helped me reach my fullest potential when it comes to working hard on the mission and epecially gaining spiritual knowledge. I already mentioned to you guys how he has a photographic memory, knows many languages, etc. but he also has many other incredible gifts that are absolutely amazing as well. (I will refrain from writing it in this letter in due respect to him). But nonetheless, he has helped me to become the best I can be, which is an amazing blessing to me in my life.
Karen- It was pretty funny when I got my package because I opened it up and the first thing I pull out is the chocolates, that were all melted... that's how I knew it was shipped from AZ:) But thank you again for the package. I'm sure the other missionaries appreciate the little things that you do for them as well. Before I thought it was weird that you would go out of your way to buy goofy ties or little things like that for the sis/elders, but now I kind of understand, kind of:)
Thank you guys for all your love, prayers, and support. I am starting to see the changes in many lives here on my mission, especially my own. Keep working hard this week. I love you guys. 

Elder BerthelsonBostonStrong

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