Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 22nd


I am doing well. This week was all about our Stake Conference and promoting the "game plan" to encourage members and missionaries to work together in the New Haven Stake. I feel like this concept is basically what I've preached my whole mission along with the gospel lol. Also, this past Saturday, Elder Lee and I had to give a training to all the Ward Mission Leaders on how to develop an effective ward mission plan. It was sorta intimidating because President Packard was in attendance for our training, but it turned out really well. We were in a business type setting being with all the big name leaders in the stake, another including Elder Snow, who is a member of the 70. He was the one that spoke at our Stake Conference and we also had the opportunity to have dinner with him before the Adult session of our conference. So this weekend was pretty crazy for us... but it was awesome!  

As far as the work goes, we have our baptism for our investigator, B______, that is all set up for this Saturday. We are pumped for that! 

Thank you for your letters and emails. 
Dad- There is no such thing as overdoing it with the subway gift cards. That is basically all I eat when it comes to eating out, so I appreciate it! Also the with the Chargers, Cards and Pats winning this weekend there are definitely son complaints on the topic of football. Its still too bad that the Red Sox aren't making it this year for the playoffs... But your right though, there is always next season. I'm already stoked for the upcoming 2015 season!! 
Karen- Wisconsin still looks the same:) Glad you were able to take pics of the old place. Great memories for sure!
Jazzy- Keep doing what you do lol. Te quiero hermana!

I apologize for the short email. I am typing all this out at the apple store at Yale University here in downtown New Haven. Its pretty sweet. I've had a great P-Day so far and looking forward to another great week working with one of my best friends on the mission, E. Lee. This guy is a stud. I'm blessed to be his companion:)  Dad you are right, I am called where I'm called for a reason. New England is all about the people for sure! 

Thank you for all your love and support. I love you all!

Pics- Recent Convert Temple Trip from a few weeks ago. 

Few Pics from today's P-Day! We were able to hit the range earlier this morning (first time swinging the clubs since back home:) And Elder Watson, who is an RM, took us out to lunch with his family before heading to NY for the MNF game tonight. 

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