Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6th


I will keep this letter short. I am sending an email out to Sarah Edwards and reaching out to her. She is so strong for remaining on her mission during this difficult time for both her and her family. I too have a testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and knowing this is one of the greatest blessings that I have been given personally in my life. Just as Sarah had mentioned from her email, I too know that families are eternal. Yes this life is difficult, but its the only way that we are ever going to know of Him. To know what He has gone through and what we must do to become like Him. The atonement is real and is for everyone, no matter their back round, members or nonmembers of the church, etc. Please let Pam Edwards, Bro. Edwards and Alex know how much we (our family) love and support them. But I'm sure you have already done so. 

I am doing well. And yes, General Conference was the biggest event that took place for us. I like to think of it as the "Super Bowl for Missionaries." lol. But that is what it basically is. I am able to get a great spiritual high after watching and hearing from the leaders of the church on what we must do. Well I definitely took a lot of insight on what I needed to do. Anyways, it was great. Favorite talk was by Pres. Uchtdorf, in the Sunday Morning session of conference talking about Truth and how to self discover it. I'm blessed for the given opportunities to feel inspired and uplifted in my life.

Glad to know everyone is doing well. Karen/Dad- Thanks for the letter and package. I'll look for it this week. Oh and Karen, did you happen to hear from Tami Thurber about my comp E. Lee?? I just found out about that connection. That is way cool! Again, small world... Everybody has a connection somewhere if you're LDS haha. Its true though. But yes, I will send out an email after my visit with the Doc. I have an appt scheduled for tomorrow at 11. I'll follow up on it.

I'll be praying for the Edwards family. Keep working hard. I love you all!!      

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