Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September 2nd


I don't have too much time at this moment to write down everything that happened throughout this week. But overall, this week was great, especially yesterday for Labor Day! I have been very blessed to see miracles happen all throughout this week. All of which I can say helped strengthened my testimony by recognizing certain blessings and being reassured to know that the Lord is truly watching over me. One of the blessings included what took place yesterday during our Recent Convert Temple trip. We had 3 of our recent converts attend the session to do baptisms for their ancestors for the first time. The blessing of witnessing someone else have an incredible spiritual experience is just as amazing as experiencing it for yourself. I'm blessed to help serve those to take them to the House of the Lord, the ultimate goal that all of us should pursue.  

Dad you were right, I was in Boston all day yesterday as well, and for that reason I didn't have any time to email... Plus, there was too much going on in the North End;) (Fanuial Hall/Quincy Market was way fun as well). But FINALLY, for the first time on the mission, I had the chance to get some Regina's pizza- brick oven style crust with a little tomato, spinach, mushroom and sausage. Delicioso! Plus Mike's was only a short block away, needless to say there was also a Boston Creme Puff in dad's favor, haha. It was too bad that the Red Sox didn't have a home game yesterday, or else I would've gone. Can't get enough of Boston though! I'm blessed to be serving in my favorite city!

Another little experience I had yesterday- As I was walking down Hanover Street with about 10 other missionaries, I distinctly remember asking dad a little over 2 years ago. "What is one advice you can give me about serving a mission?" That piece of advice hit me as I was walking on that very part of the street yesterday as a missionary myself... And to add on to the advice that dad has given me, yes I can say that I am living it right now. I am doing everything I can to love the people whom I serve. I can honestly say the friendships that I have made so far is incredible. The guys that I've served with along with other people that I've met has made this whole experience worth it. Speaking of which, A____ is only 1 short month away from receiving his endowments. He was able to give me a call the other week telling me he made plans to receive his patriarchal blessing sometime this month along with considering even more to serve a mission. The change that I've been able to see in this guy's life is incredible. Like I said the people, like A____, make it worth it.   

Dad- Already looking forward to Oakland:) I got the letter too. Thank you man. I want to talk to you in person about these experiences when I get home. We definitely have some stories to catch up on! And for that, we have some more golf and dog trips we'll be catching up on as well. Looking forward to it, but you know what needs to happen first. Can you also let Brother Brock know that I received his letter from all the young men. Tell those guys thank you from me.
Karen- Thank you for your letter. Cambria is all grown up, wow. Glad to know everyone is doing great. I'll keep the Christensen family in my prayers.
Jazz- Glad you got the package! You are an example to me. Keep working hard as a trainer! That is awesome how you are able to have those experiences. Love you jazzy. 

Thank you for all your love and support. I love you all! 

Elder Berthelson

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