Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8th

Like always, I am doing great! Not only did my previous companion receive a change from transfers but my current companion now, Elder Ripplinger, also received transfers. He will be serving in Franklin, Mass. which means I will have a new companion! His name is Elder Lee. I hear he is a great guy, from Gilbert, AZ. I know that we will get along great, we've already made good connections with one another. I am way excited to be working with him! The only thing is that he has never been a ZL before, which basically means I have to train him on everything that I've learned. Plus, there are many other changes that have occurred within our Zone as well. I've only been in this position for a little over a month, so it'll be fun to see how everything will go. Like I said, I'm excited for the change! I enjoy having different experiences, especially the ones where I know that I will have to be challenged a little bit. Its all good too because I also know that this experience will allow me to rely more heavily upon the Lord to seek for further guidance of what He wants me to do.
It has just been a crazy week with Leadership Trainings, Zone Meetings, Transfers, etc, which meant our work has been a little slower than normal. Unfortunately, our Investigators aren't progressing as well as they should be either. We had to move a couple of their baptism dates back for our investigators B___ and M_____. One because of Stake Conference that is coming up for us in the next couple weeks and another because of different circumstances. We are doing our best working a lot with our Recent Converts though. Like I said from my email from last week, we are giving these individuals the opportunity to feel the spirit very strong in their lives, such by attending a sacred place like the Temple. And because of the spirit they felt, I know it will give them opportunities to share those great feelings with their non member friends as well. I am blessed for the work that is we have in our area and the opportunities that are given to us. I am also blessed for awesome ward members, such as the D_____. They are my favorite family in the ward because of the connections we've made. Bro. D_____t and I talk sports and their family is always willing to help us with the work. They have been giving us referrals which is always a blessing too.
I received both the Labor Day letter and the package in the mail the other day. Thank you guys!!! Tell Cambria and Hunter I said thanks for their letter! Can't wait to spend some time with them back in AZ! They are awesome:)
I know that the Lord has plans for the Christensen family. My heart goes out to them, please send them my regards and let them know that they are in my prayers.
Keep working hard! You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
Les Quiero Mucho!!!
Elder BerthelsonBostonStrong

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